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About: Official Tumblr Page for J-Pop / K-Pop Remixer and Marginal Rec. Member DJ Amaya.


Incredible new original track from DJ Amaya! A touch of the classic sounds of Trance and all things love! We are super excited about this track for it takes us back to the 90s in our opinion when EDM was growing into a main stream sound globally.

"Just like we did it back in the day, this one’s for you if you remember.
%100 Produced in Linux with Bitwig Studio.” -DJ.Amaya

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This remix was kind of a breakthrough for me. I had been having some terrible writers-block, on top of that, whilst learning how to achieve my sound with different tools (my switch to Linux/Bitwig Studio).

This represents the first remix on my new setup that feels “right” to my ears, in comparison to my previous works using Ableton Live in Windows. Switching to a 100% linux environment, and switching to Bitwig Studio was a huge move, and basically meant most of my favorite VST plugins were for the most part cutoff from me. This has left me having to re-learn how to produce, mix, and master all over again from scratch.

I’m pretty proud of the results here, and I think it’s a great example of what the current state of Audio production using Linux (and Bitwig) is capable of. I hope I can keep pushing the envelope from here on.

Either way, please enjoy this track. If you’re a DJ, please use it by all means in your DJ Sets :)

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i made a tutorial for male crotches


i made a tutorial for male crotches

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their aim was to make kojiharu laugh

because Chiyori FTW

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Blue Rose - Kodama Haruka, Sashihara Rino, Anai Chihiro, Matsuoka Natsumi

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